Doruk Güçlü is the founder and the head of re-solutions, a wellness company that offers variety of wellness services integrated with medical doctors, clinics and laboratories, and Hem De Nefis, a catering company that delivers healthy daily ready to eat meal boxes.

Born and raised in Ankara, Turkey; Doruk graduated from TED Ankara College Foundation Private High School in 2002. Throughout his school years, he played basketball and won numerous medals nation wide. In 2003 he studied an extra year at Hamilton South Eastern High School in Indiana, USA and earned his second high school diploma. He moved to Philadelphia in 2003 to study at Temple University and graduated in 2008 with Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media. He studied a semester of Masters Program in Advertising at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2009 while he was working for a telecommunications company in Melbourne, Australia.

Being unsatisfied with the life he had and the work he was doing, Doruk realized that he was not on the right path to be able to use his full potential. In 2011, after spending two years reading about health and applying what he has been learning on himself, he was able to find his own purpose and live his life free of discomfort and full of passion. Believing that he can help people, who have difficulty with putting their life in a certain order, in a wellness program where medical check up, nutrition and exercise sets as the fundamental, he decided to establish his own system. In 2012, after he earned his Health Coach certificate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Personal Trainer certificate from National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association, he started coaching people in a wellness program he created which was integrated with medical doctors. In 2015 he established his first brand re-solutions, aiming to supply wellness services for variety of conditions outsourcing the medical doctors, clinics and the laboratories. In 2016 he established his second brand Hem De Nefis, aiming to deliver daily ready to eat meal boxes to those people who have difficulty finding or preparing healthy food.

Doruk dedicates himself profoundly to his clients in order to motivate and help them to achieve their health goals by staying in communication frequently throughout the day to make sure they follow their guidelines given by their practitioner and allowing them to reach him from 7 am in the morning until 12 am in the evening 7 days a week. He is based in Istanbul for now but works with people from all around the world and therefore travels frequently. He has contributed to variety of printed and online magazines and newspapers as a guest writer as well as schools, hospitals and organizations as a guest speaker including Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. He is currently working on his book project to be published internationally.

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